Install Drupal via Softaculous

In this tutorial you will find detailed information on how to use Softaculous to install Drupal on your SiteGround hosting account. The installation process is easy and requires just a few clicks. You won’t need any coding or design skills to install a fully-functional Drupal application within a minute.

You would need to login to your cPanel account first. Then look for the Autoinstallers section to find the Softaculous tool.

Just click on the Softaculous icon to go to the auto-installer’s home page. On the left side of the home page you will find the categories menu

Find and click on the Portals/CMS category to expand it. Then click on the Drupal link.

This will redirect you to the Drupal installation page where you may find details about the application itself. To begin with the installation process, just click on the blue Install button.

Now, you need to fill in the necessary information about your new Drupal application.

  • Choose domain: This section would present you a drop down menu. You need to choose the desired domain for the installation from the drop-down.
  • In directory: In case you want to install the application in the domain’s root, leave this empty. Otherwise specify the name of the subfolder in which you want to create the installation.
  • CRON Job: You can leave the CRON Job field to its default settings. Generally, it’s used by modules to execute scheduled tasks so if you’re not instructed to modify this specifically, you don’t need to.
  • Site name: Here you may type in your website’s name;
  • Admin Username: We advise you to use a username different than admin in order to prevent any successful brute force attacks;
  • Admin Password: The administrative password for your website is a randomly generated one. If you want to change it simply type the new password in the field;
  • Admin Email: In this field you should type your email address. It is needed, so that the application can send you a new password in case you can’t login;

Finally, scroll down to the end of the page and click on the Install button:

That’s it! Your Drupal application is now successfully installed.